Kestrel 4500 Weather Meter

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The Kestrel 4500 Pocket Weather Trackeris Kestrel's flagship meter. Capable of monitoring and reporting an exhaustive list  of environmental parameters – from temperature to barometric pressure,  dewpoint, wind chill, and more**, the Kestrel 4500 is the most  feature-rich pocket weather meter in the entire Kestrel catalog. And  now, the Kestrel 4500, as well as the entire Kestrel 4000 series, is  available with Bluetooth Technology, allowing you to  communicate wirelessly and transmit and log your data automatically.

In addition to the Kestrel 4000's extensive list of capabilities, the Kestrel 4500 has these distinct monitoring functions:

  • Digital Compass
  • Wind Direction
  • Crosswind
  • Headwind / Tailwind

These added features make the 4500 the Kestrel Meter of choice for  military professionals, HAZMAT teams, and flight crews. Like all the  pocket weather meters in the Kestrel 4000 series, the Kestrel 4500 is  capable of storing and charting up to 1400 data points for later  analysis.

If you select the Bluetooth model, your meter includes custom  communication software designed to quickly and easily configure your  data transmission frequency, download logged data, graph data and  transfer data to other applications. It is not longer to purchase an  interface separately, the new Kestrel Meters with Bluetooth include the  software necessary to communicate wirelessly at a range of up to  30-feet.

For military professionals, the Olive Drab NV version of the Kestrel 4500 features a night-vision preserving backlight. Backlight  incorporates optical filter to reduce overall brightness and minimize  blue and green spectrum light to preserve night vision.  (Note:  This  backlight appears soft greyish pink, not "red", and is still in the  visible spectrum, so is not compatible with night-vision equipment.)  The NV light is designed for optimal performance in low-light conditions.

Weekend shooters and military snipers alike have been calling for a  Kestrel Meter with crosswind calculation for years — and the Kestrel  4500 meets that demand completely. The elite Kestrel 4500 has the most complete list of features in the entire Kestrel Meter family, with the  only absent elements being the airflow and humidity ratio measurements available with the Kestrel 4200 Air Flow Tracker.

The Kestrel Meter 4500 Weather Meter measures/features

  • Heading (true & magnetic)
  • Wind direction
  • Crosswind
  • Headwind/tailwind
  • Altitude
  • Pressure trend
  • Barometric pressure
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Relative humidity in %
  • Heat stress index
  • Dewpoint
  • Density altitude
  • Wind chill
  • Air, water, and snow temperature  °F or °C
  • Current, average, and maximum air velocity
  • Waterproof and floats
  • Time and date
  • Easy- to-read backlit display
  • Data Logger (automatic and manual)
  • Customizable data storage - 2900 data points
  • Minimum, Maximum and Average values
  • Multi-Function 3-line display
  • Humidity sensor can be recalibrated in the field with our Relative Humidity Calibration Kit.
  • Exterior temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors for fast and accurate readings
  • Customize screens to display user-selected measurements
  • Graph and recall trends
  • User-replaceable impeller
  • Flip-top impeller cover allows use of other functions while protecting the impeller
  • Data charting
  • Upload to a computer (with optional interface)
  • Five languages (English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian)
  • US Patent Nos. 5,783,753 and 5,939,645 and 6,257,074
  • Assembled in the USA

Kestrel Meter 4500 Includes

  • Soft carry pouch
  • Neck lanyard
  • Batteries - 2 AAA