Portable Tripod

Πτυσσόμενος Τρίποδας για Μετεωρολογικούς Σταθμούς Kestrel
27,00 €
αμεσα Διαθεσιμο
Συνήθης αποστολή εντός 24 ωρών


Compatible with any Kestrel Meter,  the Portable Tripod makes for easy use when out in the field. At a  maximum height of 25.4 cm and a minimum of 15.24 cm, it is ultra-compact and folds to just 19.05 cm and weighs only 136 g. The top clamp detaches and is  compatible with any tripod with a standard tripod mount. Comes with a  padded carry pouch.

This mini-tripod is limited to 15MPH.