MOLLE Recon Chest Rig

Defcon 5
Επιχειρησιακό Γιλέκο Εξάρτυσης
200,00 €
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The CHEST with shoulder straps and lumbar band can be used in CHEST mode or in PLATE CARRIER mode because on the inside can place a ballistic plaque. Made whit 1000 Denier Nylon, the vest can offer the maximum comfort and transpiration to the operator. The shoulder straps can be fix in two ways: in crux on the back for the best use of anybody who operate on vehicles, or if you pass the straps around the arms, you can leave the back free and you can operate at the best with back packs.

Also the shoulder straps are detachable by two fastex buckles and on the top there are two D-Rings. You can adjust the chest in three points: one lumbar belt with double fastex buckles, one Velcro strap for back regulation that can be also use as rescue and emergency handle and two back straps for shoulder regulation. The front top panel contain a pouch that can be folded inside a chest pocket so you can operate with maximum freedom. The chest is covered all over by MOLLE straps and is composed with two plaques by two 5,56 rounds magazine pouches, one foldable utility pouch, one medium utility pouch with zip and elastic bands inside for accessory retention and a slot pocket and one plaque with two pistol magazines and a zipped pocket.

The chest top part is also composed by an internal pocket, one external pocket with elastic lace, one pistol pouch magazine and Velcro bands for identification plaques.